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She became a TV presenter and a mother to her and her husband's adopted son, Paddy. However, the child was in fact the biological son of Kyle's mother, Jackie, and Kyle's Earls Park teammate, Jason Turner. He knew Jackie was pregnant but asked her to have a termination. Unable to do so, Jackie persuaded Kyle and Chardonnay to adopt the baby. Jason thought Chardonnay was the baby's mother but became suspicious when he realises her figure is the same as ever and also knowing that Jackie was pregnant, became suspicious about the baby's true parentage.

Chardonnay bonds with baby Paddy and is devastated when, encouraged by Jason, Jackie reclaims him. Jason is thrilled that he has a son until he and Jackie discover that baby Paddy is an inter-sex baby - meaning he has both male and female reproductive organs. Jason rejects Paddy and moves back in with Tanya, leaving Jackie to return to Kyle and Chardonnay.

While drunk, Chardonnay murdered Jason by breaking a wine-bottle on his hand, after he had slipped and was left dangling from a ledge, making him fall to his death. Unable to comprehend what she has done, Chardonnay realised that she was drunk and didn't know what she was doing at the time of the murder and spirals into depression and anorexia.


After Jason's murder, Chardonnay spiralled into depression and anorexia. After a 6-month battle with anorexia, she passed away. Tanya spoke at her funeral, saying that Chardonnay was an angel as Kyle stood there grieving for his wife. Kyle later told Jackie that Chardonnay killed Jason.


Although Chardonnay was not the smartest woman academically, she was a self-made person that would never stand in her footballer husband's shadow, or let what other people thought of her affect her. She lived life as she saw fit, not how other people thought she should

Behind the ScenesEdit

Chardonnay was portrayed by actress Susie Amy. She appeared in the first two seasons of Footballers Wives, and the third series opened with her coffin, signifying her death.