Jackie (Webb) Pascoe is the mother of Kyle Pascoe and his son Paddy who was fathered by Jason Turner.

Originally a footballers' mum, rather than wife, Jackie always looked after her son Kyle, a job made that much more difficult by the tragic death of her daughter-in-law Chardonnay. But then Chardonnay never did match up to the super-high standards concerning what was good enough for the son of Jackie Pascoe.

An immensely strong woman, Jackie is willing to put up with a lot to protect the people she loves. A true believer in self-sacrifice, she worked hard to ensure that Kyle's life ran like clockwork. Now husband Roger is reaping the benefits of Jackie's dedication and organisational skills. However, if there's one thing Jackie has learned over the years it's not to take any nonsense, an attitude Roger has had to come to respect.